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 *** RECREATIONAL & TUMBLING PROGRAMS ARE CURRENTLY ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER INFORMATION HAS BEEN PROVIDED BY THE GOVERNMENT OF ALBERTA IN REGARDS TO REOPENING. At this time we do not know what the restriction will be once we reopen for sizes of groups and numbers of athletes so we will only be opening a few programs at a time ***

Recreational teams practice only once a week with a smaller time commitment than competitive teams. The program fees are also lower and no uniform is required. No experience is necessary and we accept ages 2-14.


Tots - Guppies

  • Age 3 - 4 Years
  • Hours per week: 45 min
  • Sept - Dec $225
  • 12 weeks
  • Practice Day: TBA

Tiny - Turtles

  • Age 5 - 6 Years
  • Hours per week: 1 hour
  • Sept - Dec $250
  • 12 weeks
  • Practice Day: TBA

Mini - Star Fish

  • Age  7- 8 Years
  • Hours per week: 1.5 hours
  • Sept - Dec  $325
  • 12 weeks
  • Practice Day: TBA

Youth/Junior - Dolphins

  • Age 9 - 14 Years
  • Hours per week: 1.5 hours
  • Sept - Dec $325
  • 12 weeks
  • Practice day: TBA 




Registration Fee Includes: 

Insurance, instructional fees, program T-shirt and G.S.T. There is NO fundraising required. Registration fees do not include shoes, which are required. All athletes need runners that will be for indoor use only (preferably all white).  Once purchased please show them to the coaches prior to use to ensure they are acceptable.


About Deep Blue

Deep Blue Athletics Ltd is an elite all star cheerleading company anchored in the desire to ensure a strong athletic foundation while fostering the safe development and progression of new skills.

Practicing Address: #10, 321 Saskatchewan Ave, Spruce Grove, AB 
Mailing Address: PO Box 3125 Spruce Grove, Spruce Grove, AB  T7X 3A5


Phone: (780) 948-0395

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